How Your Digital Footprint Can Hinder Your Job Application Success

This post is quite poignant in the Digital Age where a very high percentage of professional people will have some kind of Digital Profile.

A digital profile can be anything from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, G+, Blogs, and of course LinkedIn – (Is LinkedIn Social or Professional the debate still rages).

Don’t be fooled into thinking recruiters and hiring manager don’t go searching for your digital profile. Quite often this is how a recruiter find you in the first place if you are not actively seeking a new job.

So why is this relevant?

You have done the hard yards, no really you have! You have been selected as one of the candidates to be presented to the client.

The Client Opens your resume and is interested enough to explore further and see if they can find out more about who you are online. What is the first thing they do? They look you up on LinkedIn and BOOM – Your resume information does not match your LinkedIn profile information and the eyebrows get a rise.

What happens next?

The recruiter gets an embarrassing call from the client asking them to explain the differences. Yes, this has happened to me and hopefully, it will not happen again.

Make sure you cover all bases and ensure your Digital Print is either discrete or up to date. No-one wants to see your embarrassing photo’s on Facebook. Just saying….

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